We aim to treat 10 million rescue dogs worldwide

Cooper and Gracie | Our Mission


Cooper & Gracie aim to support and care for 10 million dogs worldwide this year!

If we can make 10 million dogs cleaner and happier with Cooper and Gracie, that will be a truly amazing achievement.

Cooper & Gracie embrace Mother Nature in her purest forms, support cruelty free plant based science and believe in using only ethically-sourced ingredients. We are proud pet owners with compassionate views on nature and our planet. We want every pet and pet owner in the land to experience the magic of our eco-friendly products, living happier and healthier lifestyles.

If you know a dog shelter that needs our support, we would love to hear from you. Simply get in touch with us. Our products, from Paw Balm to Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner to Wound Care Spray and Protective Skin Spray, will provide relief and care where needed most.

Cruelty Free

We believe every pet should experience cruelty free care. We strive towards a cruelty free world for all animals.

Plant Based

We believe in advancing plant-based products to new levels. We deliver innovation that provides the very best pet care for your animals.


We believe in making products that are friendly to the environment. We use safe ingredients and minimise waste during our manufacturing process.


We believe Cooper and Gracie can be an advocate for a cruelty free world for all animals. We aim to treat 10 million dogs in shelters, and transform their lives.

Equality and Love

We believe in the caring qualities that cruelty free products can bring. We aim to encourage everyone to be compassionate and treat our furry friends as we treat loved ones.


We believe in continuously improving our products. We invent our own products, with the best blends of natural ingredients.

Healthy Partnerships

We believe every pet and its owner deserve a healthy partnership.


We believe pets can be an inspiration, putting a smile on our face when we are down, making us laugh even harder when we are not.


We believe pets can be little heroes, our lifesavers.


We believe every pet should have a pawesome life!


We believe happy people make happy pets, and happy pets make happy people.


We believe every pet deserves to be pampered like Cooper and Gracie!

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A few of our natural ingredients


We cannot disclose the full ingredients of our patented blends, but rest assured, they are 100% planet based, safe and natural.

Cooper and Gracie Cruelty Free Pet Care