We stand together for animals, their owners and our planet.


Cooper and Gracie | Our Mission


Cooper and Gracie make the highest quality cruelty free pet grooming products. We use ethically sourced natural ingredients that can be safely washed away into the soil or down the drain, as we believe in promoting a safe and clean environment. We support sustainable innovation and will continue to grow our range of products, customised to our favourite furry friends.

Cruelty Free

We believe every pet should experience cruelty free care. We strive towards a cruelty free world for all animals.

Plant Based

We believe in advancing plant-based products to new levels. We deliver innovation that provides the very best pet care for your animals.


We believe in making products that are friendly to the environment. We use safe ingredients and minimise waste during our manufacturing process.

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Cooper and Gracie Cruelty Free Pet Care